Article OP/ED Contest | Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference

Article OP/ED Contest

We hold these contests in honor of Leona Hertel, who led the Maranatha Christian Writers conference for many years. We are grateful for her years of hard work and faithfulness.

This year’s non-fiction article contest is being hosted and judged by The Amy Foundation.

Article or OP/ED Contest Guidelines—Judged by James Barrett, Amy


  • The article must  contain at least one passage of scripture.
  • God’s word must be quoted directly from the Bible and the Bible must be acknowledged as
    the source.
  • Biblical quotations must be taken from an accepted and popular edition of the
    Bible, such as the New International Version, The Living Bible, the King
    James, or the Revised Standard Version.
  • The article must present the biblical principles on an issue as relevant, timely and
    deserving of thoughtful consideration, with an emphasis on discipling.
  • Examples of issues for consideration, but not limited to these, are family life,
    divorce, values, pornography, morality, U.S. National interests, abortion,
    religion and addictions. The biblical impact on individual character and
    outlook are also appropriate issues.
  • The need for obedience through biblical truth should be evident.
  • Articles should not exceed 750 words.


In addition to content, articles will be judged on the following
primary considerations:

  • Persuasive power of the article and a discipling message.
  • Author’s skill in relating God’s word to current interest issues.
  • Extent to which creativity and skillfulness are used to present God’s position on issues
    affecting the world today in a sensitive, thought-provoking manner.


Click here to send your submission for the contest.

Include your entry in the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened.

Deadline Sept 1st.  Writers are limited to one entry for this contest. One $50.00 prize is awarded during the conference. You must be present to win.

Writing a submission to this contest may also prepare you to submit to one of the Amy Foundation’s Contests.  The mission of the Amy Foundation is to encourage Christian writers to submit articles, letters to the editor, and commentary containing biblical truth to secular media outlets.  See for details about their contest that runs throughout the calendar year.

If you have any questions about submitting to this contest, feel free to call and leave a message for Tim @ 616.929.9020.