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Blog Contest

Social-Media boggle writing contestWe hold these contests in honor of Leona Hertel, who led the Maranatha Christian Writers conference for many years. We are grateful for her years of hard work and faithfulness.

Social media has become a powerful means of communication and is quickly becoming the preferred means of publishing new ideas. No editors to please, no deadlines to meet. If you are a writer you should be blogging.


  • Builds your platform
  • Helps you discover your voice
  • Gives you writing experience and exposure

To encourage you to jump head first into the deep end of the pool, we are hosting our first Blog Post Contest this year.

The entry requirements for the blog post do not require a hard copy. Your post will be evaluated on these criteria:

  •  The written content of the post–how well did you present your idea?
  • The visual interest–did you include a picture in the post?
  • The length–is the post an appropriate length for a blog? (400 to 600 words)
  • The frequency of your blogging–if we receive two entries that are equally well written, the more frequent blogger will have the edge.
  • The  message–God has given you a voice and a message that likely is anchored to passion deep in your heart. As Christian writers, we often call it our voice. Judges will look over your blog and ask “What is this writer’s passion, and how well  is the message communicated through blogging?”

Click here to enter this contest. Include:

  • Your name
  • URL of your entry,
  • Your blog title

Include your entry in the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened. This contest will be judged by members of Word Weavers West Michigan writing and critique community.

Deadline is Sept 1st. Writers are limited to one blog post for this contest. One $50.00 prize is awarded during the conference. You must be present to win.