Devotional Contest | Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference

Devotional Contest

We hold these contests in honor of Leona Hertel, who led the Maranatha Christian Writers conference for many years. We are grateful for her years of hard work and faithfulness.

Devotionals are a great way for writers to break out, and become a published author. Yet short devotionals require planning, creativity, and concise writing. Writing a 600 word devotional is easy, but it won’t get published. Publications like The Upper Room, The Secret Garden, and Words of Hope are always looking for writers who can pen concise, powerful devotionals. Test yourself, and submit a few devotionals to this year’s contest. Your work will be judged by a professional editor.

Devotional Contest Guidelines—Judged by Miranda Gardner, Discovery House editor.

Writers may submit three devotionals as an entry.  Each devotional should be:

  • Approximately 275 words
  • Free of simple grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Tell a true, or emotionally moving story
  • Please move from your experience to the general spiritual truth that applies to believers
  • Use Scripture to conclude the devotional

Click here to submit your contest entry.

Include your entry in the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened.

Deadline Sept 1st.  Writers are limited to three devotionals for this contest. One $50.00 prize is awarded during the conference.