Fiction Story Contest | Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference

Fiction Story Contest

We hold these contests in honor of Leona Hertel, who led the Maranatha Christian Writers conference for many years. We are grateful for her years of hard work and faithfulness.

Short Story Contest Guidelines—Judged by Dennis Hensley, Taylor University

Please submit a manuscript typed in Times New Roman 12 point type font,
typed double-spaced, with one inch margins on top and bottom and sides. Type
on one side of the page only. Limit your word count to no more than 1,200

Any standard genre will be accepted (romance, mystery, suspense, comedy,
adventure, western, spy, historical), but all manuscripts should have
“acceptable” Christian content. However, like Calvin Miller and JRR Tolkien’s writing, the story does not necessarily need to be about a Christian experience.

Entries will be judged on plot, characters, setting, writing style, dialogue,
vocabulary, grammar, syntax, punctuation, format, transitions, and message or theme.

Click here to submit your entry.

Include your entry in the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened.

Deadline is Sept 1st. Writers are limited to one blog post for this contest. One $50.00 prize is awarded during the conference. You must be present to win.