Book Sales by Faculty and Conferees | Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference

Book Sales by Faculty and Conferees

Have you authored a book already? Are print copies available? Subject to approval by our bookstore manager, all  full-time registrants will be able to have books they have authored sold in our conference store.  Bring your books to Maranatha with you—once you arrive, check with the bookstore manager. You’ll be given a form to fill out. Place price tags on your books before you arrive, or else adhesive stickers will be available for your use at the store at the time of the conference. Books are sold on consignment, and the conference bookstore retains a small percentage of the sale price. Be sure and pick up your unsold books at the store before you leave!

Speakers and faculty are also invited to sell their books in the conference bookstore. Faculty may ship their books to Maranatha in advance of the conference. Mark any such boxes: “Attention Maranatha Christian Writers Conference Bookstore.”