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maranatha christian writers' conference

The Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference

The location for the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference is one of the most beautiful, family focused vacation locations in West Michigan. For more than 75 years, the Maranatha conference ground has offered families, groups and pastors a scenic location to get away and “Vacation with Purpose.”


The Amy Foundation

Encouraging Christians who write to pursue publishing venues in traditional, secular media outlets. Each year the Amy Foundation give away over $30,000.00 to Christians who have published articles in secular markets, which include bible references to point the reader toward Christ and a Christian world view.

den_slattery Conference Chaplain Den Slattery
Color House Graphics Maranatha Christian Writers conference partner

Color House Graphics exists to help publishers, authors and companies create and deliver great printed and bound books. Whether you’re an individual with a story to tell or a publisher wanting to leverage your intellectual assets, we can help you produce a compelling product. We place a high value on quality, simple processes and hands-on personal service.