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Living What You Teach

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in General, Testimonies

Living What You Teach

Pastor Troy Evans, from the Edge Urban Fellowship in Grand Rapids, passionately discussed living out the faith you proclaim. Troy not only leads two growing inner city churches in Michigan’s largest cities, he also sits on ministry leadership boards. Traveling 10 to 14 days a month, Troy has a number of accountability partners in his life reminding him that he has to stay F.A.T.

F: Faithful

A: Accountable

T: Transparent

and you have to eat what you sell.

A writers conference like Maranatha is the opportunity for experienced and aspiring writers to get FAT. We’re listening to experienced authors. Were being challenged by editors and agents. We’re learning about writing well, building a platform, writing successes and personal challenges. Yet at the end of the day, as a writer in the Christian marketplace, we have to be FAT.

Faithful: God calls me to be faithful with the gift he’s given me, and to apply the writing skills I’ve learned. Not everyone can write well. Not everyone with the dream of getting published actually follows through and does the hard work that writing and selling a book requires. Everyone wants to have written a book, few people want to write one.

Accountable: Writing is an individual sport, but in a group, on a team, like a gymnast or an Olympic swimmer, I perform better on a team. God designed us for community, and finding a group of writers to walk the path with me.

Transparent: Being a successful writer isn’t all about selling books, getting attention, learning about the craft and the market. As a Christian who writes, my craft is about real life – the story that comes out of success and failure. In some of the darkest moments in life, God’s light shines brightest. In that moment, Christian’s who write find the God that changes their life, and the story that can change the lives of their readers.

God, help be become F.A.T.-ter each day. As a writer, I want to walk this path to give you glory, and see you draw my readers into a deeper walk with you.